Natural Problem Solvers

Children are natural problem solvers, capable of coming up with imaginative solutions that might not occur to adults. 

At TLC we encourage these skills by :

· Providing children with hands -on tasks with real -life applications to help develop realistic problem—solving strategies.

· Fostering collaboration between students in the solving of  a problem ( students can often help a peer find a solution more easily than a teacher can)

· Encouraging students to work through conflicts with one another, rather than turning to the  teacher to be a referee.

TLC Cafe

      Our school age students  wanted to learn about  restaurants. This was their project.They were amazing!

They  created menus, shopping  lists, looked up  recipes and  turned their classroom into a charming  café.

They were open for business!! The orders started coming in and to their surprise they have received rave reviews.

This one was  from a delighted Father. 

“I stopped in this afternoon at the urging of my daughter and had a Calzone. From  my first meeting with the Maitre-D and placing my order with the server, my experience was simply fantastic. Let me say I’ve had more than a few but this Calzone was the best! Cooked perfectly, served piping hot by a knowledgeable and attentive staff, even

The Sous Chef came out to see how I was doing. They even offered me  A taste of their lemonade. Over all my experience was top-notch!!  I don’t think I have ever seen my staff as excited to get  an order as those kids were, thanks and my thanks to the kids for  a great job.”  Sean Cunneen



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